In India, majority of us rely on Dairy Products as a source of Calcium and Protien. But in addition to these, normal dairy products do have certain other negative impacts as well. Paneer made from Soyabean is referred to as Tofu commonly and, is known known for being used in American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese foods. It is an improved substitute of dairy paneer which is free from cholesterol, lactose and saturated fat.

Here are listed a few benefits of Tofu:

  • - Tofu is cholesterol free lower the risk of cardiovascular disease & high blood pressure.
  • - Low in calories helps combat obesity and other weight-related issues.
  • - No saturated fat contributes lower risk of heart disease, hypertension & other diseases.
  • - Selenium prevents cell death, reduces risk of prostate cancer and hair fall.
  • - High in fiber reduces risk of stroke, control blood sugar, relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and lower the risk of hemorrhoids.
  • - Calcium is good for growing children & women who are at risk for osteoporosis.
  • - Isoflavones ease symptoms of menopause & potentially lower the risk of some cancers, most notably breast cancer.
  • - Complete food because it containsĀ all eight essential amino acids.
  • - Omega-3 fatty acids help lower triglycerides, lessen depression, decrease inflammation, and alleviate rheumatoid arthritis.
  • - Iron, copper, and manganese helps to boost energy.

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